import car / motorbike yourself

Auto / Motorrad selbst importieren

importez vous-même votre voiture

importa tu stesso l'auto

Import and fill in the car yourself using the e-dec web / webdec customs forms for cars or motorbikes

The ebook in German, French, Italian and English, which can be bought on this page, leads you step by step to a successful car motorbike import to Switzerland.

The most difficult point for the layperson when importing a car / motorcycle is probably the correct filling in of the Swiss customs papers or the e-dec web form of the Swiss customs.

I myself have already imported 2 motorcycles and a car from Germany to Switzerland, brought them through the MFK and now make my experience available here.

The buyer of the ebook receives a download link to a PDF that is an exact step-by-step guide to import a vehicle yourself and which documents are needed for customs and MFK. In addition, the buyer also receives one of my pre-made customs declaration files, which only needs to be changed with your own vehicle data. Tips on import and approval for vehicles with and without COC papers.

To successfully complete an e-dec web / webdec customs registration as an inexperienced new user with these instructions, it will probably take 2 -5 hours. The only alternative is to have the documents prepared by a Swiss freight forwarder, the costs of which are in the range of CHF 150 to CHF 250

So take a Saturday morning, switch on the coffee machine and fill out your customs declaration correctly with these instructions!

This e-book contains:

  • Step by step instructions for filling out the e-dec web / webdec form
  • 2 finished .XML files (car & motorcycle) for upload to customs as a basis, where only your own vehicle data need to be changed
  • Compilation of the required papers for customs
  • Compilation of the required papers for MFK with tips (with and without COC)

Shop and a sample of the eBook are available for download in the shop. The eBook can be purchased for download in PDF format for CHF 8.50.

click here to get a sample or to buy the ebook